We tailor a program to meet each students specific needs and pay particular attention to areas of development.

Our low student-to-teacher ratio of 2:1 ensures that your child gets the attention he or she deserves. We are committed to preparing your child for success.

Private tuition is on the increase and often viewed as a means to give students an advantage as they progress through the education system.  Independent surveys including those done by Australian Tutoring Association confirm this. 

The difference that Next Step Tutoring offers is a complementary education to the one your child receives at school.  We teach what they need to learn and follow the school curriculum but equip students with the necessary tools and confidence to improve their grade across all learning outcomes.

Tutoring can focus on specific outcomes and areas that a student may be having problems with.  In a classroom environment a teacher is only able to provide limited attention to students constrained by time and targets for coverage of the class and competing demands.

Our difference is that we do not follow a set program or routine but rather adapt a program to suit the specific learning style of the student.

We offer one of the most competitive tutoring rates in Melbourne  and have a high rate of success.



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